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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tips for summer

If you are going in a journey, make sure that you are carrying the following :
2. Glucose water or normal cool water
3. Mobile
4. a diary with full details
5. before going anywhere you have to inform somebody in your home or friends
6.carry some chocolates, biscuits or fruits , since you may feel hungry in journey, if you are a diabetic, it will help you a lot.
7.If you are suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments or anyother major problems, keep a photocopy of all the medical prescriptions.
8.Carry your daily medicine
9. The best suggestion is , if you are a low BP patient donot go anywhere alone.
10. In journey prefer water rich foods like watermelon, juices , orange, avoid over cooled water
11. If you are going for long distances, prefer govt transportation, as they provide required facilities.
Ex : indian railways, APSRTC