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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lady Finger Roast

Ingredients :

Lady finger - 250 gms
red chilli powder - 1 tb spoon
coriander powder- 1 tea spoon
salt - as per taste
oil- 2 tb spoon
masala - 1 tea spoon
coriander leaves- 1/4 cup

chopped lady finger

Preparation :

1) Wash and cut lady finger into round, thin pieces.
2) Take a flat pan add oil to it
3) Add chopped lady finger and fry them for 10- 15 mins on very slow flame.
4) As they 70-80% done, sprinkle red chilli powder, coriander powder, salt evenly.
5) After 2 mins sprinkle masala and coriander leaves and mix well.

Enjoy this snack  hot ...!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Poha or Atukulu Recipe

Atukulu is made of rice. They are many types, now we are using thick ones (they are intermediate to rice and flattend rice ). After cooking they look like fried rice. It is very famous in Telangana region . And we call it as " Pachi Atukulu " as is is soaked in water. It is very easy to make.


atukulu - 500 gms
chopped green chilli - 6 nos
chopped onion - 2 nos
turmeric- pinch
salt - as per taste
ginger garlic paste - 1 tb spoon
ground nuts- 75 gms
curry leaves- 4-6 nos
lemon -4 nos
oil- 3 tb spoon

1) Wash and soak atukulu for 20 mins and strain out water (or) Keep them in hot water for few minutes till they become soft.
2) Heat oil in a pan and add groundnuts, fry them till get colored then remove from oil.
3) Now add green chilli, onion ginger garlic turmeric and little salt fry them finely.
4) Add curry chopped curry leaves and mix well.
5) Add atukulu, fried groundnuts and sprinkle salt and mix well
6) Keep on mixing till they get hot .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Egg Bajji (Egg Pakoda) and Egg Benefits

Eggs are invaluable daily food throughout the world .Birds Egg are a common food source. Most of people eat Chicken, Duck and Goose eggs.Eggs are inexpensive super food which contains large amounts of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Some scientific researches are suggesting eggs to be eaten by everybody with their regular food. It gives better results if you drink a glass of milk followed by eating 2 eggs every morning.

Benefits of Egg:

1) Improves concentration : Good nutrition effects a child's learning skills. Balanced food including egg results improve in :-

  • concentration level
  • maths and reading skills
  • attendance
  • behaviour
  • test scores
2)  People who eat eggs every day decreases their risk of developing cataracts, also because of the lutein and  zeaxanthin in eggs.

3)  Eggs are the best source of complete proteins which contains all essential amino acids for human body. One egg contains 6 gm of protein and 9 amino acids.

4) Rich in Choline : Choline is your diet is essential for the prevention of many diseases,a nd it prmotes the function of body cells, brain and nervous system as well as metabolism in the liver.

5) They contain the right kind of fat. One egg contains just 5 grams of fat and only 1.5 grams of saturated fat.

6) Eggs are only food that contain naturally occurring vitamin D, which is important in bone strengthening and   
and improving imunity.

7) Prevent Breast Cancer :  A study found that who consumed at least 6 eggs per week have 44% less risk of developing breast cancer.

8) Eggs promote healthy hair and nails because of their high sulphur content and wide array of vitamins and minerals.

9) Prevent Blood Clots: Eating eggs amy help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by preventing blood clots. An important antioxidant called selenium found in eggs inhibit clot formation in a dose-dependent.

Ingredients :

eggs  - 4-6 nos
red chilli powder - 1 tb spoon
salt - as per taste
turmeric - pinch
cumin powder- pinch
coriander powder- 1 tb spoon
oil - 1 tea spoon
crushed curry leaves - 3 nos
ginger garlic paste - 1/2 tb spoon
oil - for deep fry
chana flour - 2 cups

Preparation :

1) Boil the eggs in water till 20 mins then change the water and remove shell.
2) Cut the each egg into 2 or 4 pieces. Or whole egg as a piece.
3) Take a cup add red chilli powder, salt, turmeric, cumin powder, coriander powder, crushed curry leaves(chopped very finely), ginger garlic paste and one tb spoon oil.
4) Mix then evenly and apply only egg pieces then keep them aside and allow it for marination.
5) Meanwhile  take 2 cups chana flour and add little salt and pepper to it then make thick dough such that it should stick to egg pieces evenly like a layer.
6) Heat oil and deep fry them till dark yellow (golden).
7) Drop them on paper towel to remove extra oil.
8) Enjoy it with green sauce or tomato sauce or you can eat directly with some chat masala..

Friday, October 12, 2012

Egg Fried Rice


egg - 4-6  nos
onion - 2 nos big 
green chilli - 4 nos
red chilli powder - 1 tea spoon
salt - as per taste 
coriander leaves - 1/8 cup
curry leaves - 4 nos
masala - 1 tb spoon 
soya sauce- 1 tb spoon
oil - 1 and 1/2 tb spoon
turmeric - pinch
finely chopped ginger - 1 tb spoon
finely chopped garlic - 4 cloves

Vegetables (optional):

beans - 1/2 cup
chopped carrot - 1/2 cup
chopped capsicum - 1/4  

Preparations :

1) Wash and chop the capsicum into medium cubes, chop the beans and carrot into small pieces.
2) Cut green chilli, onions finely
3) Chop ginger, garlic, curry leaves, coriander leaves into thin flakes.
4) Wash and soak 4-6 cups of rice for 10-15 mins.
5) Cook rice till 80% done and strain out and keep on paper or kitchen towel to remove water drops.

Method :

1) Heat oil in shallow pan then add chopped onion, green chilli and little salt.
2) As they become brown add turmeric, red chilli powder and mix it well.
3) Now add broken egg and allow it for few seconds then make it into pieces.
4) Then add vegeatables, ginger garlic, soya sauce fry them for few mintues.
5) Now prepared rice then sprinkle salt, curry leaves, masala and mix them well.
6) After few minutes add coriander leaves switch off the stove.

Serve it on HOT...!!!

You can enjoy this snack with Onion gravy, Chicken gravy, Raitha ...!!!!  

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Grandma's Special Country Chicken Curry

A True Desi Recipe that will leave your palate wanting for more..........!!!!!!!!


chicken bird  - one normal size (1.5 - 2kg)
ginger garlic - 1 and 1/2 spoon
oil- 2 tb spoon
coconut powder - 1 tb spoon
onion - (1+1) nos
coriander leaves - 1 cup
mint leaves - 1/2 cup
green chili - 4 nos
red chili powder - 1 tb spoon(as per taste)
turmeric - a pinch
coriander powder - 1 tb spoon
cloves - 4 nos
cinnamon -4 nos(1 inch each)
poppy seeds-2 tb spoons
black pepper - 4-6 nos
cardamom - 4 nos
mace(japatri)-2 pieces
black cardmom - 2 nos
salt - as per taste
bay leaves - 2 nos

Preparations of Chicken:

1) Take a 1.5 - 2 kg country chicken bird (desi), cut off it's head and remove feathers .
2) Roast it evenly for 15-20 mins on charcoal till the skin turns to dark brown .
3) Apply turmeric and oil mixture on it and wash it with water
4) Now cut all the bird into required size pieces .

Preparation of Masala :

1) Heat 1 tb spoon oil in a pan  then add cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves, black cardamom, black pepper,  mace, green chilli season them on very slow flame for 5 mins
2) Now add coconut powder and poppy seeds then roast these till the color changes.
3) Put all these spices in blender(grinder) make coarse paste by adding little water.
4) Take one onion and make its paste in blender and mix it with ginger garlic paste.

Preparation of Curry:

1) Take a dish add oil and chopped onion, sprinkle little salt & fry till it is 70% cooked.
2) Now add onion and ginger garlic paste and  fry it till raw flavour goes away.
3) Add chicken, red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric and salt .
4) Fry chicken for 10 - 15 mins on medium flame, don't allow blackening of any part.
5) Now add water(till whole chicken is immersed and then add one extra glass) and prepared masala.Cook  finely.
6) Finally add coriander leaves and mint leaves and switch off stove.

Caution: Please adjust spices according to your taste.

Enjoy this delicious dish with naans, roti, rice ....!!!!!