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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Red Chili Powder Recipe (Bachelor Special)

Red Chili Powder Recipe it sounds like something special and new  It is specially for people in hurry . I suggest specially for Bachelor's as they won't get time to prepare curries every time . It is one of the substitute of your pickles .

Many times in home if we are in hurry my mom used to make this and this can be used for 10 days without losing it's taste . Even now also every time  when i'm coming from home to hostel i bring with me as we won't get spicy food at Rourkela . What i do is , i just mix a spoon of this powder in my regular curry so that i will get my own required spiciness .

You can also eat this with rice directly still it gives some new flavour . You can also add in your regular dal and recipes .

Ingredients :

red chili powder- 2 cup
coriander seeds - 1/2 cup
curry leaf powder - 2 tb spoon
chana dal (Bengal gram)- 1/4 cup
garlic - 10 no
salt- 4 tb spoons (as per your taste )
oil -2 tb spoon
mustard seeds - 1/2 spoon
cumin seeds -1 spoon


1) Heat a flat pan add chana dal make dry roast for a min on slow flame , now add chopped garlic, coriander seeds, curry leaves .

2) Saute them evenly for 5 min on slow flame so that they loose their raw flavour .

3) Don't blacken any part while roasting stirre every time to fry them evenly.

4) Drop them in  a blender  make a coarse powder (not fine powder) transfer it to a bow

5) Take the same pan add oil , after heating oil add mustard seeds and cumin seeds after a small break swith off the flame .

6) Now add chili powder,salt and prepared mixture mix it real good so that both masala and chili powder mix well

Wow we prepared it  , taste it if you need add little more salt allow it to cool then transfer to a air tight glass bottle .Then you can use it for 10 days

Try this and enjoy a new dish , we can use this in many places and we can prepare in many ways we will see it later ...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cabbage Curry with Moong Dal and It's Benefits

Cabbage is a leafy vegetable and is used in many soups, salads and some times as remedy

Benefits of Cabbage :

Cabbage is excellent source of vitamin C
It is low calorie food
Is rich in Glutamin and Amino acids hence it is anti inflammatory
It is used in European folk medicine
Iodine : Cabbage is rich in iodine so it may also acts as goitrogen , so it controls Thyroid Glands
Sometimes cabbage cabbage juice is used as a remedy for ulcers
Fresh cabbage helps in gastric problems


cabbage - 500 gm
moong dal 200 gm
red chili powder - 2 tb spoon
salt - as per taste
oil- 2 tb spoon
ginger garlic paste - half a tb spoon
masala - 1 tb spoon
chopped onion - 1 no
coriander powder - 1 tb spoon
chopped curry leaves - 5 no
chopped coriander leaves - 1/4 of cup
cumin seeds- 1/2 a tb spoon
mustard seeds - 1/2 a tb spoon
turmeric - a pinch

Preparation :

1) Wash the dal in fresh water and soak it for 5 to 10 min.
2)cut cabbage into small pieces (check for insects ) and wash it .
3) Heat oil in a flat pan add mustard seeds, cumin seeds as they just done
4) Add chopped onion, sprinkle little salt after 1-2 mins
5) Add ginger garlic paste, turmeric, chopped curry leaves
6) Saute them for 2 min on very low flame.
7) Now add  cabbage, red chili powder, coriander powder after 2 min add soaked dal.
8) Cover it with a lid and cook finely.
9) Add masala and coriander leaves .

Serve it with rice or nans, or roti , you can also have with bread slices .it gives awesome taste

Try it and enjoy a new dish......:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bread Omelet (Bachelor food)


eggs- 4 nos
bread slices - 6 or 8
onion - a small one (very finely chopped)
green chili  - 2 (optional)(small pieces)
red chili powder - 1 tea spoon
salt -half a spoon
oil- 2 tea spoons
masala - 1 tea spoon

Preparation :

Take a bowl add chopped onion and green chili , chili powder , salt, masala  mix them real good .
Break eggs and mix with prepared masala until it gives equal consistance.

Now take a flat pan  , heat  a spoon of oil , then  pour the mixture evenly on oil  after a small break spread 3 or 4 bread slice on it . fry both sides nicely don't blacken any part .

Serve it hot hot ...!!!

How to make Tea and it's Benefits

Hai friends ,

You know this is very simple, before going to write how to make tea, let me share my own experience with tea making. I love to make tea very much around 9 years i used to make tea at my grand parents hotel. 

I used to stay with my grand parents when i'm doing my schooling. They have a small hotel in my town Dharmapuri, it is in Andhra Pradesh in India. To be frank i know how to make tea from my 4th standard. Along with my regular studies i used to help my grand parents in hotel by this way i came to know how to make tea and later on most of the recipes from my grandma and my sister's cooking .

So my surrounding people used to call me "pottoda" , i like that name very much when i was with my grand parent as it is given by my grand parents. But now i'm calling a boy who is selling tea  like chai wala chotu 

A Cup of Hot Tea  =  A Cup of Good Health

 Do you know ..?

Drinking tea is very good for health. Following are both Benefits and Drawbacks ..

1) Bone Density : regular drinking of tea for long time may increase strength of bones 
2) Heart Disease : recently study in the general Circulation it is mentioned that drinking more than 2cups of tea in a day decreases the risk of death from Hear attack by 44%.
3) High Blood Pressure : Drinking a half cup of green tea or oolong tea reduces a person's risk of high BP by 50 % 
4) Immunity Power : daily having tea help you body's immune system fight off infection.
5) It gives instant refreshment immediately having tea .

Drawbacks of Tea :

1) Fluoride : high fluoride intake may cause easy fractures and osteofluorosis intake limits 2mg for children and 4mg for adults.
2) Aluminium : large amounts leads to toxicity in humans , may leads to death .
3) Taking high temperature tea causes esophageal cancer
4) Oxalates : Over comsumption of oxalates forms stones in  kidney

Ingredients :

milk - 2 glass
water - 2 glass
tea powder- 4 spoons
sugar - 6 to 8 spoons (based on you , how much sweetness you like )
crushed black pepper - 2 nos (optional)
ginger - small piece (make thin slices)

Making :

Take a bowl add milk and water then lit the stove. After about 5 min of boiling milk add crushed balck pepper and ginger pieces . After a small break add tea powder , wait until tea powder goes down for the first time then only add your sugar . once again tea powder comes up boil until it goes down for the second time . now strain out tea and have it .

If you make tea in this manner it gives awesome taste.

Get refreshment instantly with your own making tea ...:P

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tomato Moong Dal Fry (bachelor food)

It is very simple to make , even you can make easily in hostel rooms . This is especially for bachelors . Let us know how to make this recipe .

Ingredients :

moong dal - 2 cups
tomato - 4 no
salt - as per taste
red chili powder - 2 spoons
mustard seeds - 1/4th spoon
cumin seeds - 1/4 th spoon
oil - 2 spoons
masaala - 1 spoon
coriander powder - 1 spoon
coriander leaves - 1/4 th cup
curry leaves - little
ginger garlic paste - half a spoon
turmeric - a pinch
chopped onion - 1 no

Preparation Method :

First of all wash dal in a bowl and soak it for 10 min. during this clean tomatoes and cut into small cubes and also cut onion and chop the coriander leaves
Now heat oil in a pan , add mustard seeds , cumin seeds after small break add onions and half of the salt  , when the onions turn brown add ginger garlic paste , after one min add curry leaves and tomato cubes .

Add red chili powder , turmeric and cook for 5 min . then add moong dal and next half salt (if you need this recipe like loose gravy , you can add a glass of water) and corianders powder , allow it to cook for 5 more min then add coriander leaves and masala . switch off stove

Serve hot with rice , roasted bread , roti , or with nans . it gives sour taste so most of the people like to eat it. Let's try and have it .

Please leave you comment ...:):)

For Telugu Version:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bengal gram Dal Curry (chana) with Egg

I love to read your valuable comments on my blog , so that i will get a good review from you instantly ..


bengal gram (chana dal)- 250 gm
boiled egg- 6 nos
oil -1table spoon
red chili powder - 2 spoons
salt- to taste
coriander powder - 1 spoon
garam masala (all spices powder) - 1 spoon
turmeric - a pinch
mustard seeds - 1/4 th spoon
cumin seeds - 1/4 th spoon
curry leaves - 10 no
coriander leaves -a small bunch
sliced green chili - 2(optional )
sliced tomato - 1 (optional)
chopped onion - 1 no
ginger garlic paste - 1 spoon


First of all take a depth pan , drop eggs and cover them with water , boil eggs for 10- 15 mins (according to flame ). after boiling change the water and remove shell. make slits into egg or (cut into 4 pieces each).

Take a pressure cooker add dal wash it with clean water  , now add 3  times of water, half of the salt  and red chili powder  to it wait for  visils ( pressure sounds ) .  take out dal .

Take a pan add oil ,cumin seeds , mustard seed , then chopped onion , green chili , ginger garlic paste , saute them until raw flavour goes away . add turmeric , salt , tomato  fry it for 2 min

Then add egg pieces , masala , coriander powder , curry leaves . fry them on slow flame for 5 mins so that all the masala  stick to egg pieces then add prepared dal , mix it real good

 sevre hot with rice or roti  or nans ....!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Regular Dal Recipe (Easy Cooking)

Easy to make and Tasty to eat

dal  - 250 gm ( "moongdal" or  "bengal gram dal" or  "tur dal" )
oil - 1 table spoon
salt - to taste
cumin seeds - half a spoon
finely chopped onion -1 no
red chili powder - 1 spoon
green chili - 2no (optional)
turmeric - a pinch
curry leaves - 10 nos
coriander leaves - 1/4 cup
fenugreek seeds - 5 -10 nos
mustard seeds - half a spoon
ginger garlic paste - half a spoon
tomato -  2 no
masala - 1 tb spoon
Preparation :

1) Wash dal with fresh water and add it to a pressure cooker and add salt to it
2) For 1 cup of dal add 3 cups of water
3) Cook it up to 3 whistles .
4) Now take a pan add oil, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, green chilli and chopped onion and fry them till they turn brown.
5) Mix ginger garlic paste to it.
6) Now add tomatoes, red chilli powder, turmeric, curry leaves , cook it finely .
7) Add dal and coirander leaves, masala and mix well

Serve hot with regular dishes , rice , poori , roti , nans
This is very easy to prepare and some people uses it  in everyday meals

Bottle Gourd with Moong Dal

This comes under easy cooking recipes

Ingredients :

bottle gourd - a small one
moong dal - 200 gm
red chili powder - 2 spoons (according to your taste you can add more or less )
salt - to taste
garam masala - 1spoon
coriander powder - 1 spoon
coriander leaves - 1/2 cup
oil - 2 table spoons
chopped curry leaves - 10 no
cumin seeds - 1/4 th of spoon
mustard seeds 1/4 th of spoon
chopped onion - 1 big

 Preparation Method :

First of all wash the moong dal with clean water and soak it for 10 mins. Now take a small bottle gourd and peel out ( remove ) the skin and cut them into small cubes (don't wash the cubes if you do so it lose it all vitamins and and taste ).

Heat oil in a pan add cumin seeds , mustard seeds and chopped onion,chopped curry leaves  , sprinkle half of the salt .(salt is helps to take out the water from onions , so they cook easily).

Now add bottle gourd cubes , fry them for 3 to 5 min on normal flame , then only water escapes easily , now add moong dal , red chili powder , coriander powder  , the next half salt ,saute them for 5 min .

Add corinder leaves and garam masala  then keep lid on it .switch off the stove .cook it for 2 mins on steam

Serve it hot with rice or roti
It is very easy to make all the process takes 15 mins only.
Try this and enjoy today ...!!!!!

Bachelors Recipes (Easy Recipes )

Hai friends ...

This week i'm interested to write regular and easy making recipes.These are specially for bachelors , hopefully i will do my level best to write as simple as i know .

I hope you will enjoy this week with easy recipes ....!!!!!

In this section i'm going to post :

1) regular dal
2) egg curry
3) bengal gram (chana) with boiled egg
4) moongdal fry
5) cabbage with chana dal
6) bottle gaurd with moong dal
7) green chili with sesame seed
8) Tur dal,(red gram )
9) Fried flattend rice
10) onion with tamarind juice
11) spinach with moong dal
12) fried red chili powder
13) masala maggie
14) bread omellet
15) alu( potato) tomato curry
16) alu with tamarind juice
17) egg burji
18) vermiselli pudding (semya)
19) wheat flour upma
20) how to make tea
21) tomato with moongdal
22) special rice curry (grandma spl)
23) lady finger with tomato
24) ridge gourd (beerakaya) with moongdal
25) spinach with tur dal
26) kidney bean with tomato
27) rice making 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lady Finger Curry with Tamarind Juice (Okra Benefits )

Lady Finger  is also  known as Okra

Okra nutritional value per 100 gm

calcium  - 81 mg (8%)
sugars - 1.2 gm
fat - 0.1 gm
carbohydrates - 7.0 gm
protein 2.00gm
water - 90.17 gm
dietary fiber - 3.2 gm
energy-129 KJ

Okra contains both iron and calcium also good source of vitamin A and C

Heath Benefits :

1) good for summer heat treatment
2) it is good in normalizing the blood sugar and cholesterol level
3) good for preventing diabetes
4) best for those are feeling weak , exhausted and suffering from depression
5) okra fiber is excellent for feeding good bacteria
6) it healing for ulcer and to keep joins limber
like this it has numerous benefits

Ingredients :
lady finger - 500 gm
chopped onion - 1 no
ginger garlic paste - 1 spoon
green chili - 2 no
turmeric - a pinch
salt - as per requirement
red chili powder -2 spoons
curry leaves - a small bunch
coriander leaves - half a cup
coriander powder - 1/4th cup
oil-50 ml
mustard seeds - half a spoon
cumin seeds - 1 spoon
fenugreek seeds 1/4 spoon
masala -1 spoon
sesame seed powder -  1/2 cup (optional)
tamarind juice - 2 cups (sour taste )

Preparation Method :

First of all wash lady finger with clean water and cut them into small pieces as shown , while cutting check for insects , then chop the onions, green chili,coriander leaves ,curry leaves.

For the preparation of tamarind juice , take fresh sour type half a cup of  tamarind flesh , wash it and soak  for 5 to 10 min , then take out the juice .

Heat oil in a depth pan , add cumin seed , mustard seed, fenegreek seed, after a minute add chopped onion , green chili, ginger garlic paste , saute it for 3 to 5 min then add half of the salt .

Now add lady finger saute them 5 to 10 min on slow flame (don't allow to stick to pan ) keep on mix every time , then it will lose gum (glue), now add turmeric , red chili powder , coriander powder , sesame seed powder,also add next half salt  mix it real good after 2 min pour tamarind juice in it , boil it for 5 mins , now add coriander leaves , curry leaves , masala,  keep lid  for 2 mins ..

Ready to serve it gives sour hot taste ,,,,,,,,,,

 For Telugu Version :

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brinjal with Sesame Seed Curry (Egg Plant Sesame Seed Curry)

Ingredients :

egg plant (brinjal)500 gm
sesame seeds 200 gm
green chili 5
red chili 10
salt to taste
oil 100 ml
turmeric a pinch
chopped onion 2
ginger garlic paste 2 spoons
coriander powder half a cup
masala 1 spoon
coriander leaves 1 cup
curry leaves a small bunch

 Preparation Method :

 First of all take a pan and heat , just add sesame seeds to it and saute them for 2 min until it gives nice colour and smell , take them into a bowl  , then take half of the curry leaves and red chili and the same pan just heat them for a moment (don't blacken any part  , other wise it will lose it's all smell and taste ).

 Mix all the sesame seeds , red chili , curry leaves make them into powder in a grinder(blender) and add half of the salt ,3/4 th  of ginger garlic paste , 3/4 th parts of  coriander powder, turmeric , little masala  and also add little oil and make a dough

Now select the small , fresh , good quality egg plant wash them in fresh water and cut in such a manner it gives 4 parts  up to 70-80 % along it's length (not to separate to each other )  immediately drop them in salt water other wise them taste bitter .

Take one by one egg plant and clean water and stuff the prepared masala (sesame seeds and other ingredients) if necessary tie with a rope (it holds all the masala in egg plant )  while eating you can take off the rope .

Take a slightly depth pan , heat oil and add green chili pieces , chopped onion , remaining ginger garlic paste  saute them for 2 mins then after add prepared egg plant slow down the flame saute them for a while and add the next half salt and left over prepare sesame seeds masala , coriander powder and also add little water to it  keep lid on it , boil it for 10 min meanwhile for every 2 min mix it well and replace the lid

Now add masala and coriander leaves and curry leaves and keep it on steam for 2min ..

That's it we prepared wonderful sesame seed stuffed egg plant curry .

If you want it like snack , while adding water reduce the amount of water  and fry them in all sides equally.

 For Telugu Version:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weight Gaining Tips and Food

Most of the children are losing weight due to insufficient proteins and lack of nutritious food

 Reasons  for Weight Loss::

lack of interest in eating 
unusual timings of eating
regularly using same type of food
tensions from study 
neglecting food
improper ways of taking food 
lack of knowledge in nutritious food 
over fried food (no vitamins but tasty)
not having seasonal fruits and food

 Tips for Weight Gain :

use more calories food
take junk food everyday
every day ice creams and good quality chacolates 
boiled egg and banana 
cover all vitamins in usual food
take non veg twice in a week (eg. fish , chicken)
if you take alcohol beer is appropriate
use curries like mixed veg .. as it covers all type of vitamins and proteins
take dry fruits regularly (dates , cashew nuts ,raisins  etc.. )
dried fruits promote digestive health . they also contribute to healthy body weight
prefer fluids than solid food
take leafy vegetables twice in a week 
take juices like orange , milk shake , milk products..
last but not least don't wait to get hunger eat some thing always until you gain weight ....haha ...!!!! 


Don't try artificial food and medicine to gain weight it is not good for health and you will addict to them 

 my choice of salad :

Ingredients :

milk 100ml (15 min boiled)
cashew nuts 50gm
raisins 50 gm
dates 50 gm(flesh only)
banana 2
apple 1
grapes 100gm
olive oil half a spoon
sesame seed oil half a spoon
sunflower oil half a spoon
pineapple 50 gm
papaya 2 slices(remove seeds)
strawberry 5 nos
cherries 50 gm
gooseberry 10 (remove seeds)
coconut water 1 glass
normal water 4 glass
coconut milk half glass 
sugar 250 gm
ghee to fry all try fruits
salt 1spoon
ice cream according to your interest any flavour and amount you like to have (optional)

You can also add any seasonal  fruits here

Preparation :

Take flat pan and heat ghee  , fry all the dry fruits on very slow flame 2 min easy (do not black any part saute them evenly if you blacken any part it gives odd taste ) grained them into small pieces (don't do like powder)

Now take  banana., apple , pine apple , papaya  cut them into small pieces  

Take a big bowl add all the prepared dry fruits mixture and small pieces of  fruits and  milk , water and oil, salt , sugar, rest of the ingredients 

Mix it real good and keep it in refrigerator for 10 -15 mins.then mix ice cream serve ..

 Here you can skip any thing .. except sugar , water, dry fruits , ghee, milk 

 It will help you very much . ...:)

 Thank you  very much for visiting my blog....:)...:)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Capsicum with Stuffed Sesame Seed Curry

Ingredients :

capsicum 10 
sesame seeds 150 gm
green chili 5 
red chili 10 
salt to taste 
turmeric a pinch 
oil 100 ml 
ginger garlic paste 2 spoon 
onion paste 2 small 
cumin seeds 1 spoon
curry leaves a bunch 
coriander powder 2 spoons 
coriander leaves  1/2 a cup
mustard seeds half a spoon 
fenugreek seeds 10 

 Preparation :

Wash sesame seeds and soak untill it give all the water , then take them on a pan and saute sesame seeds on   very slow flame for 2 mins until it gives some good smell , take them into another bowl , now add red chili , cumin seeds , coriander  grains , curry leaves , fenugreek seeds ,  mustard seeds   saute them 2 mins .

 Take all the sauted ingredients in grinder  make a powder .Now take this mixture in a bowl add turmeric, ginger garlic paste and half of the onion paste , half of the salt  and a little oil and make athick douhg like paste

 Now wash capsicum and wipe them with kitch towel and make a cross cut upto 60 -70% (so that you can easily stuff the masala ).

Heat oil in apan add cumin seeds and ginger garlic ,  small pieces of green chili, onion paste saute them for 2 mins until they give brown colour now add prepared capsicum and salt on them  fry it for 15 mins .add masala nad coriander leaves ...

 Delicious  sesame stuffed capsicum curry is prepared .
Serve hot with rice or you can also have like snack item

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Healthy Amaranth Leaves and Moong dal Fry

It is highly nutritional food for all. Once in a week it is compulsory in our diet.


every 100 gm consists of
potassium 641 mg
calcium 209 mg
phosphorus 72 mg
magnesium 55 mg
sodium 21 mg
iron 2.3 mg
in little amounts zinc , copper , manganese , Florine  are also available

 Vitamins :

 vitamin A , C, B6 , foliate, niacin , thiamine , proteins & amino acids  2.1 gm


It increases hunger 
Due to presence of calcium it gives good support to bones 
Iron increases haemoglobin in blood
It  is also helpful for heart patients 
It also controls the liver diseases .

Ingredients :

amaranth leaves 500gm
moong dal 100gm
ginger garlic paste 50 gm
oil 50 ml
turmeric a pinch
salt to taste
coriander powder 2 spoons
mustard seeds half a spoon
cumin seeds half a spoon
fengreek seeds 10
green chili 8
red chili powder 1 spoon
finely chopped onion 2
masala 1 spoon

Method of Preparation :

1) Wash and soak moongdal for10 min, meanwhile wash and cut the leaves into small pieces and add salt to green chili and crush them into small pieces in a grinder .
2) Now take a pan and add oil, on hot oil add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds.
3) After few seconds add ginger garlic paste, chopped onion and turmeric, green chili paste.
4) Also add half of the salt to it
5) After 1 min add amaranth leaves and red chili powder, salt, coriander powder keep a lid on it
6) When 50% of cooking done add moong dal and cook it finely.
7) Finally add masala and serve on hot .

It is generally served with roti and rice .

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mango Special Juice

Mango is the King of all fruits . it is the awesome fruit available in hot summer.
 It is very helpful fruit  as it has so many useful vitamins and proteins and all.

mango fruit consists of :
in every 100 grams
calcium  14 m.g
proteins 0.6%
carbohydrates 16,9%
iron 1.3 m.g
vitamin C

 Uses :
fully ripen mangoes are rich in sugar , but green mangoes are rich in vitamin C  and vitamin A which is helpful to eyes. If you  sprinkle little salt on them they reduce uneasyness , if u eat every day onemango and then after a glass of milk it will increase weight also so it is very useful for thin people.

Ingredients :

mango 500 gm
sugar 100 gm
milk 100 ml
coconut water one glass (normal water you can use)
fresh coconut powder 100 gm
cardamom 5

 Preparation :

add sugar to milk and boil them for 10 to 15 mins on slow flame . take ripen mangoes , wash them with fresh water  then remove skin and take out all flesh keep in a bowl .
smash cardamom , and prepare coconut powder now mix all . keep it in refrigerator for 5 mins
    wow !!! we prepared fantastic mango juice
 you can have it with roti , poori  or roasted bread
 for telugu version :

మామిడికాయ పానకం

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mango - Moong Dal Fry

Ingredients :

mango 4 nos (small)
moongdal 100 gm
oil 50 ml
chilli powder 1 spoon
salt to taste
turmeric a pinch
ginger garlic pate 1 spoon
chopped onion 2 no
cumin seeds  half a spoon
masala 1 spoon
coriander leaves half a cup
curry leaves a bunch (small)
green chilli 4
mustard seeds half a spoon
coriander powder 1 spoon

Preparation :

1) First of all wash the mango and soak them for 10- 15 mins, so that you can easily remove skin.
2) Now peel out skin and cut them into small piece (remove seed ).
3) Now wash the dal and soak it for 10 mins meanwhile prepare the green chilli, onions, coriander leaves
4) Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds as they just done add onion and green chilli saute them.
5) Add turmeric and chilli powder and half of the salt after one min add your mangoes  cook them 5 mins .
6) Now add dal, coriander powder and  next salt keep a lid on it and cook on slow flame .
7) Cook both dal and mangoes till 70 - 80% then only it leaves crispiness.
8) Add masala, curry leaves and coriander leaves put off flame and keep lid on it for 2 more mins.

Hmm..Tasty sour moongdal mango curry is ready to eat .

You can have it with rice , roti , or else nans..

Children like this recipe very much.

మామిడికాయ పెసరుపప్పు కూర

కావాల్సిన పదార్థాలు :

మామిడికాయలు చిన్నవి 4
పెసరుపప్పు 100 గ్రాములు
నూనే 50 గ్రాములు
కారం ఒక చెంచా
ఉప్పు రుచికి సరిపడా
పసుపు కొద్దిగా
అల్లంవెల్లుల్లి ఒక చెంచా
తరిగిన ఉల్లిపాయ 2
జీలకర్ర అర చెంచా
మసాల ఒక చెంచా
కోతిమెర అర కప్పు
కరివేపాకు ఒక రెమ్మ
పచ్చిమిరపకాయలు  4
ఆవాలు అర చెంచా
ధనియాల పొడి ఒక చెంచా

తయారుచేసే విధానం:

 మొదటగా మామిడికాయలు  10-15 నిముషాలునీళ్ళలో నానబెట్టాలి ,ఇలా నానబెట్టడం వల్ల  తొక్క తీయడం శులభం అవుతుంది తరవాత తొక్క తీసి సన్నగా తురుముకోవాలి. పెసరు పప్పు శుభ్రంగా  కడిగి 10 నిముషాలు నానబెట్టాలి
 ఈ సమయంలో మనం కావలసిన మిరపకాయలు , ఉల్లిపాయలు కోతిమెర తరిమి పెట్టుకోవాలి
 ఇప్పుడు స్టవ్ మీద ఒక గిన్నె పెట్టుకొని నూనే వేడిచేసుకోవాలి నేను వేడి అయ్యాక ఆవాలు ,జీలకర్ర, వేసుకొని , వెంటనే తరిగిన ఉల్లిపాయలు మరియు మిరపకాయలు వేసుకొని ఒక నిమిషం పటు ఉడికించుకోవాలి
ఇప్పుడు పసుపు , కారం , సగం ఉప్పు వేసి మరొక నిమిషం పాటు మగ్గనివ్వాలి. తరిగిన మామిడి కాయ ముక్కలు వేసి రెండు నిముషాలు ఆగి పెసరు పప్పు , ధనియాల పొడి వేసుకొని  మిగిలిన ఉప్పు వేసి మూత పెట్టి 5 నిముషాలు ఉడికించుకోవాలి
తర్వాత మసాల కోతిమెర మరియు కరివేపాకు వేసి స్టవ్ ఆపు చేసి మూత పెట్టాలి ఆవిరి పైన ఒక నిమిషం ఉడికాక దించుకొవాలి
 ఇలా మనందరం ఎంతో ఇష్టపడే మామిడికాయ పెసరుపప్పు కూర తాయారు చేసుకున్నాం ..
 దీనిని అన్నం తో గాని , రోటి, లేదా నంతో గని తింటే ఎంతో రుచికరంగా ఉంటుంది . వేడిగా ఉన్నపుడే ఆరగించండి , చిన్నపిల్లలు పుల్లటి వాసనకు ఎంతో ఇష్టపడుతారు కావున ఇష్టంగా తింటారు ..

Saturday, May 05, 2012


హాయ్ ,
        నా  స్నేహితులలో కొంత మంది తెలుగులో నా బ్లాగు రాయమని అడిగారు , అందువల్ల నేను ఈరోజు నుండి తెలుగు లో కూడా నా వంటలు ఎలా తాయారు చేయాలో  రాస్తున్నా, నా ఇంగ్లీష్ వెర్షన్ ను అభిమానిస్తున్నట్లు ఈ తెలుగు లో కూడా చదువుతారని ఆశిస్తున్నాను ....

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Capsicum Bajji

capsicum - 6 no
chana dal powder = 25gm
cumin seeds - 1spoon
oil for deep fry
salt as per the taste
water to make loose dough for dipping
turmeric a pinch
  ingredients for masala to mix with capsicum pieces :
masala 1 spoon
salt little
oil little
turmeric a pinch
chilli powder  half a spoon
 for garnish :
roundly chopped - onion 1
coriander leaves - half a cupa
chat masala - 1 spoon
lemon juice - 1 no
carrot 1 no (roundly cutted )
preparations :
wash the capsicum and cut them into normal size pieces , in a bowl add masala , little oil, little salt , turmeric , chilli power make a paste and apply on capsicum pieces and soak it for 2 mins

 take another bowl and prepare loose dough for dipping , add cumin seeds , salt , turmeric , water  then your dough is prepared

 now heat oil in a pan  for deep fry ,  after sufficient heating for deep fry , take one by one capsicum pieces , dip them in dough and  deep fry them until it gives good colour .

  sprinkle chat masala , coriander leaves ,  lemon juice , and garish with onion and carrot slices .....:)

 tasty easily made snacky item is ready , serve it hot with coriander pickle or curd pickle ....:P