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Monday, April 16, 2012

Healthy Food Millet Rice

Millet rice :
*the words in the braces, describe the contents in telugu language
millet powder (jonna pindi) :500 gm
the millet powder should be smashed into small pieces.
salt : as per required
water : for cooking
Process :
Boil water in a dish/ bowl
while water is dancing, add your millet
cook it nicely like normal rice.
Caution -
Do not strain any water. If water is excess strain into a bowl , which we can use as soup.
Soup :
strained water : 1 glass
green chilli paste : 2 no:s
red chilli powder : half spoon
salt : as per taste
Tomato sauce : 1 spoon
corn seeds : 1 spoon
oil : half spoon
ginger garlic paste : a pinch

Fry green chilli, ginger garlic paste, tomato sauce and corn seeds . Now add strained water and salt. serve it with your rice.
As it contains lot of vitamins, in olden days, people used to eat this recipe regularly with red chilli chutney and yogurt also.
Generally this is used in summer for saving the body from heat cramps and sunstrokes.

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