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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Double Layered Omellet

INGREDIENTS                             QTY
eggs                                               4nos
salt                                               1/4 spoon
red c hilli powder                          1/2 spoon
finely chopped green chilli             2nos
finely chopped onions                   1 spoon
turmeric                                        a pinch
oil                                                 1 table spoon
masala                                          1/2 spoon
ginger garlic paste                         1/2 spoon
coriander leaves                           1 spoon
coriander powder                         1/2 spoon
1 ) Take a non stick flat pan spread oil on it break one egg , spread on it
2)  Spread all the ingredients as a thin layer on it
3)  Now spread another egg on it as a 3rd layer , roast it both sides on  a slow flame

Wow ..!!! now we prepared a special type of layered omellet which is more tastier than our normal omellet . If you it eat it like a papad while you are taking main course youn feel great ...
TIP : Make sure that your flame must be very low to roast it ......!!!!!!!

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