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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Hello friends ,    
           I'm very much glad to post these cooking recipes in my blog . Since many students those who are undergoing their higher education away from thier home are facing so many problems with outside food ,even in hostel they aren't getting proper food to their body . Just because of this numerous   students are facing health problems..
       Some of these are losing their valuable time due to these problems . In order to reduce these problems in small scale at least i'm myself trying to give you some better cooking and choosing food items whenever you are outside from home .
       One day you are going to realize that this blog will be some thing which is worthy and it will bring your mom into your mind after making such dishes . It will also cover some health tips which are written in our Ayurvedic books and   nurtitionist hand book .....
       Finally i feel very happy if it is used for at least a person (i.e student)......
                                                     Your's lovingly

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