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Friday, April 06, 2012

Andhra Chicken Curry

INGREDIENTS                                           QTY
chicken                                                        500 gms
oil                                                                150 gms
onions (finely chopped)                                 2nos
poppy seeds and coconut paste                   1cup
ginger garlic paste                                         1 spoon
green chilli                                                    4 nos
turmeric                                                        1 pinch 
tomato (slices)                                              2nos
coriander powder                                          1/2 cup
corinader leaves                                            1/2 cup
garam masala                                                1/2 spoon
red chiilli powder                                           1 spoon
mint leaves and curry leaves                          1 bunch
salt                                                                as per requirement
water                                                            1and 1/2 glass
cinnamon cardamon bay leaf                           2no each
1) Heat oil in  a pan   add cinnamaon ,cardmon, green chilli , onions , bay leaf orederly fry it on  a slow flame for 2 mins .
2) add freshly cutted chicken fry it 10 mins.add salt , red chilli powder...
3) add water and other ingredients after 5 mins add corianderleaves , curry leaves , mint leaves and a pinch of garam masala ...cook it for 5mins
Now chicken curry is prepared.....
You can have it with rice , roti, nans , flattened rice , it give good taste with even puffed rice and toasted bread ...
Generally i love to eat it with puffed rice and bread ....
 I hope you  enjpoyed this dish ........:):)

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