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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Egg Plant with Tomato Recipe (Brinjal with Tomato Recipe)

It is easy making recipe with brinjal and tomatoes .

Ingredients :

egg plant - 500 gm
tomato - 4 no. (big )
green chili - 4 no. (according to your taste)
salt - as per taste
coriander powder - 1 tb spoon
turmeric - a pinch
oil - 2 tb spoon
masala (all spices) -  1/2 tb spoon
onion - 1 big one
ginger garlic - 1/2 spoon
cumin seeds - half a spoon
coriander leaves - 1 cup


1) Wash green chili,onion,tomatoes and cut them into small pieces.

2) Take a bowl add 2 glass water and little salt to it , now cut egg plant into small pieces and drop in salt water(while cutting check for insect).

3) Heat oil in a dish, add cumin seeds,green chili,onion and fry them until it turns brown , add ginger garlic  just mix it well and add egg plant.

4) After a half of cooking is completed add turmeric, tomatoes, salt and mix it real good, cook it finely (while adding salt be careful, we already washed egg palnt in salt water so add very little).

5) Finally add masala , coriander leaves and mix it well.

Now we have prepared very good recipe, enjoy it with chapathi, roti, rice, nans ....!!!

Telugu Version :

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