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Friday, April 20, 2012

Corn Seed Special Dish ( Mokkajonna Garelu)

Today's special my favourite dish 

Ingredients :

corn seeds (half smashed)- 500 gm
ginger (finely chopped) - 50 gm
 sugar - a pinch

garlic & cumin seed paste - 50 gm
finely chopped green chilli - 5 no
coriander leaves paste - 50 gm

mint & curry leaves - 50 gm 
spring onions(finely chopped ) - 50 gm
coriander powder - 1 tb spoon
chilli powder - 1 spoon 
salt as per taste 
soaked moong dal - 50 gm
gram dal sprouts - 50gm

preparation :

Smash the seeds , and mix the all ingredients except oil no need to add any extra water . 
The water is already woozed out from corn seeds if necessery add litle water . make this as a thick dough  like your roti dough .

Now take a thin cloth and make dough as small balls and press them on the cloth so that they should be like thick plates 

Now heat the oil in a pan and defry the prepared poori until it gives a perfect colour . remove remaining oil with paper towel

 Serve hot with sauce (generally) , corinder pickle , or coconut pickle  .. but if u have this with chicken soup it gives awesome taste ...
 You can also have with normal dinner ..

Like this


My grandma always try different and healthy dishes whenever she has free time . i used to go my grandma's home frequently in the evenings as she used to do specials....!!!!

These are some of them , i'm going to post my grandma's recepies from today one by one


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spicy Prawns Fry

  one of my beloved one asked this recepie :

prawns - 500gms
oil - 75 ml
chopped onion-  1/2 cup
chopped ginger - 1 spoon
chopped garlic - 1spoon

spring onion - 1/2 cup
mint&curry leaves-  1/2 cup
coriander leaves - 1/2 cup
garlic leaves - 1/2 cup
red chilli powder - 1spoon
green chilli - 5 nos
capsicum - 1 nos (cutted into cubes )
masala - 1 spoon
turmeric - a pinch
cumin seeds - half a spoon
salt - as per taste
tomato sliced - 1 no
1)  heat the flattened pan roast the prwns for 2 mins until it gives awesome flovour  don't leave blacken any part do it on low flame  , transfer them to another bowl.
 2)   now add oil to pan then cumin seeds , onions , ginger , garlic , green chilli , turmeric ,capsicum , half of the red chilli , half of the salt , fry them fro 2 mins
 3)   now add prawns and then spring onions , half of the salt , red chilli powder, fry all the ingredients on finely reduced flame .
 4)  add tomato slices and masala , garlic leaves ,coriander leaves , curry & mint leaves  close with a lid
 5)  switch off the stoves after one min.
 garnish :
carrot - 1 no
onion - 1no (roundly cutted)
lemon pieces - 1no

Monday, April 16, 2012

Healthy Food Millet Rice

Millet rice :
*the words in the braces, describe the contents in telugu language
millet powder (jonna pindi) :500 gm
the millet powder should be smashed into small pieces.
salt : as per required
water : for cooking
Process :
Boil water in a dish/ bowl
while water is dancing, add your millet
cook it nicely like normal rice.
Caution -
Do not strain any water. If water is excess strain into a bowl , which we can use as soup.
Soup :
strained water : 1 glass
green chilli paste : 2 no:s
red chilli powder : half spoon
salt : as per taste
Tomato sauce : 1 spoon
corn seeds : 1 spoon
oil : half spoon
ginger garlic paste : a pinch

Fry green chilli, ginger garlic paste, tomato sauce and corn seeds . Now add strained water and salt. serve it with your rice.
As it contains lot of vitamins, in olden days, people used to eat this recipe regularly with red chilli chutney and yogurt also.
Generally this is used in summer for saving the body from heat cramps and sunstrokes.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tips for summer

If you are going in a journey, make sure that you are carrying the following :
2. Glucose water or normal cool water
3. Mobile
4. a diary with full details
5. before going anywhere you have to inform somebody in your home or friends
6.carry some chocolates, biscuits or fruits , since you may feel hungry in journey, if you are a diabetic, it will help you a lot.
7.If you are suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments or anyother major problems, keep a photocopy of all the medical prescriptions.
8.Carry your daily medicine
9. The best suggestion is , if you are a low BP patient donot go anywhere alone.
10. In journey prefer water rich foods like watermelon, juices , orange, avoid over cooled water
11. If you are going for long distances, prefer govt transportation, as they provide required facilities.
Ex : indian railways, APSRTC

Head Massage

Before going to start head massage, let me tell you, what are the precautions we have to follow before or during and after oil massage.

Before starting :
Make sure that your hair is dried and there is no dust at all. If you apply oil on watery or dusty hair, it may lead to dandruff and scalps.
Oil :
Use better quality oil like navaratna oil, parachute oil or tilsona oil and castor oil (amudam oil). i prefer castor oil as it is very much helpful to brain as hinted and cited in ayurveda.

Process :
Ask the person to sit in a chair, he should be straight and comfortable. Now take some oil like 5-6 drops , pour it on the person's head, press gently with palms for 10-20 seconds. Now spread oil throughout the head, rub it gently. Now total oil is disappeared. Take some more oil into your hands,spread it in your hands , apply where traces of oil are not found.Do same process for three to four times until entire oil dries up. It is clearly explained in demonstration video.

Coming to eyebrows, start from middle of the forehead, drag your fingers towards the ends of the forehead gently, you can also press eyeballs, with utmost care. other wise skip eyeballs. Now it's time for neck, starting from middle of the fore head , drag your fingers to back side of the head, and there after to shoulders. Now press the neck and shoulders smoothly. This process will give, great relief from headache or any tensions.

Caution :
While pressing on forehead, do not use much force especially towards the sides of the forehead, as it is connected with nerves of eyes and brain.
After massage :
wait for atleast half an hour, so that all the oil sinks into the head and it will give you maximum benefits.

Eye Excercise

First of all wash your eyes with normal water not with cold water , wait untill water evaporates or wipe them out . Now sit straight and comfortably now select a point which is away from you and in between 5 to 10m from your eye, stare that point non stoply until you close eyes for the first time whether it is 1 min or 2 mins or more than that without any pain  then stop staring.

Now rotate eyes up and down for 10 mins and then left to right 10 times without any strain,wait a second and close your eyes with palms, donot touch eyeballs , do it for two minutes.

Do this four to eight times a day, whenever you feel strained and whenever you have free time. it takes a maximum of five minutes, but it will give refreshment to your mind like anything else.

During the nights , go to terrace or any open place, select a star in the sky, and just stare it until you close your eyes for the first time. if you do like this eyesight is not going to increase. it may not be decreased, but surely wont increase :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


INGREDIENTS                      QTY 
eg piece (normal size)             8 nos
onion paste                            1no big
ginger garlic paste                   2 spoons
spring onions                          1/2 cup
coconut powder                     1/4 cup
corinder powder                     1/4 cup
garam masala                           1 spoon
oil                                            100ml
turmeric                                   1 pinch
red chilli powder                      1 spoon
green chilli                                4nos
salt to taste corinder leaves       1/2 cup
mint and fenugreek leaves          1/2 cup
lemon juice                                1 no
carrot                  2nos (chopped into long sticks)
black salt             a pinch
onions                 1no (cutted into circles
lemon                  1 no
cucumber             1no

1)take a bowl add half of the red chilli powder , half of the salt , lemon juice little oil ,little turmeric and 1 spoon corinder powder and also add a little ginger garlic. now makeit as thick paste .
2) wash the leg pieces and make 3 or 4 long slits  into flesh with knife so that bone sholud come out ,
 stuff the prepared mixture into slits and soak it for 15 mins  so that all flavours of ingredients imparts to meat 3)now take a flat pan and heat some oil , add green chilli pieces and onions and ginger garlic paste fry it for 2 mins .
4) add leg pieces and fry them on a slow flame for 5 minsnow add red chilli powder half of the masala corinder powder and salt ,coconut powder turmeric , spring onions  .fry for 10 mins ....
5)now add corinder leaves mint and fenugreek leaves sprinkle remaining garam masala switch of the stove
6) for extra flavours and taste garnish with carrot , onions, cucumber, black pepper, black salt and serve hot

If you have it with beverages it gives awesome taste . ,l you can use this as asnack item or use with roti or nans

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Double Layered Omellet

INGREDIENTS                             QTY
eggs                                               4nos
salt                                               1/4 spoon
red c hilli powder                          1/2 spoon
finely chopped green chilli             2nos
finely chopped onions                   1 spoon
turmeric                                        a pinch
oil                                                 1 table spoon
masala                                          1/2 spoon
ginger garlic paste                         1/2 spoon
coriander leaves                           1 spoon
coriander powder                         1/2 spoon
1 ) Take a non stick flat pan spread oil on it break one egg , spread on it
2)  Spread all the ingredients as a thin layer on it
3)  Now spread another egg on it as a 3rd layer , roast it both sides on  a slow flame

Wow ..!!! now we prepared a special type of layered omellet which is more tastier than our normal omellet . If you it eat it like a papad while you are taking main course youn feel great ...
TIP : Make sure that your flame must be very low to roast it ......!!!!!!!

Hyderabad Special Chicken Biryani

Hyderabad Chicken Biryani is famous across the boundaries of the world. Today let us see how to make this Delicious aroma cuisine at our home. 


Chicken - 1 kg
Rice (Basamathi) - 1 kg 
Mint leaves - 50 gm
Coriander leaves - 50 gm
Fried Onion Slices - 150 gm
Curd - 500 gm (thick)
Green chilli - 4 -6 nos
Lemon - 1 no
Carrot - 2 big (chopped round)
Bay leaves - 4 nos
Black cardamom - 4 nos
Cardamom- 10 nos 
Cloves - 8 nos
Mace- 4 pieces
Star anise - 4 nos
Black pepper - 8 nos
Cinnamon- 8 nos (1 inch each)
Ginger garlic paste - 25 gm
Turmeric - 1/2 tea spoon
Red chilli powder - 1 spoon (adjust)
Oil- 100 gm
Ghee -50 gm
Milk - 1 glass
Saffron - little
Coriander powder - 50 gm
Salt - as per taste
Shaw jeera - 1 tb spoon

Marination :

1) Take good chicken pieces, wash and remove water.
2) Add cloves, cardamom, bay leaf, turmeric,2 star flower and mace pieces, red chilli powder, cinnamon stick, black pepper and black cardamom powder, salt  and mix well.
3) Add lemon juice, half of the mint leaves and coriander leaves, sliced green chilli, crushed fried onion 50 gm,ginger garlic paste and 50 gm oil , mix it evenly.
4) Now pour curd on it and keep a side for 4 hours (at least 1 and half an hour)


Prepare rice:

1) Wash and soak rice for 30- 40 mins.
2) Boil excess water for rice cooking .
3) While boiling add shaw jeera , 2-3 bay leaves, 2-3 cloves, 2 nos of  cardamom, mace, star anise,  crushed black cardamom and salt (after adding salt, taste it. It should be little salty )
4) Add rice and cook till 50% done and strain out water.
Mix saffron in warm milk and any other food colour if you want

Biryani Preparation:

1) Take a wide pan and spread marinated chicken evenly in one layer.
2) Add one layer of rice then add little mint and coriander leaves,carrot slices, fried onion half of the ghee and 25% of saffron milk .
3) Add remaining rice and sprinkle fried onion, coriander and mint leaves, carrot, ghee and saffron milk.
4) Put dough along the edge and keep lid tightly.
5) Keep it on stove and keep weight on it (to do not escape the vapours )
6) Flame : first 5 mins high, then 20 mins on medium flame and final 5 mins on very low flame .


1) Keep a pan in between flame and biryani dish in order to avoid direct heat, so that it won't leave any thing black.
2) Check chicken pieces before switch off stove.
3) Adjust spices according to your taste.
4) Do not mix all the rice and chicken and rice, serve it from one side.

Serve it hot with Raitha or Mirchi ka salan or Onion gravy or Chicken soup.
Garnish with sliced onion, boiled egg slices, carrot and lemon 

Veg Roll

INGREDIENTS                   QTY 

wheat flour                             200gms
cabbage                                 50gms
 onions                                   50gms
ginger garlic paste                  1 spoon
red chilli powder , salt            1 spoon
oil                                        100gms
masala                                   1 spoon
carrot (finely chopped)            2nos
mix of tomato and chilli sauce  2 table spoons
water                                     as per requirement
salt                                         as per requirement


1) heat half of the oil in a pan , now  add all ingredients and half of the salt except wheat  , fry it for 5mins
2)  mix whaet flour with salt and water make thick chapati's (roti)
3) apply oil on a pan  fry them both sides on a slow flame
4) apply sauce on chapati and keep fried vegetables on chapati roll it  like cylinders ..

 now our veg roll is prepared ...
 have rolls with tomato sauce or tomato curry even  you can have with dal ......:):)


Hello friends ,    
           I'm very much glad to post these cooking recipes in my blog . Since many students those who are undergoing their higher education away from thier home are facing so many problems with outside food ,even in hostel they aren't getting proper food to their body . Just because of this numerous   students are facing health problems..
       Some of these are losing their valuable time due to these problems . In order to reduce these problems in small scale at least i'm myself trying to give you some better cooking and choosing food items whenever you are outside from home .
       One day you are going to realize that this blog will be some thing which is worthy and it will bring your mom into your mind after making such dishes . It will also cover some health tips which are written in our Ayurvedic books and   nurtitionist hand book .....
       Finally i feel very happy if it is used for at least a person (i.e student)......
                                                     Your's lovingly

Andhra Special Onion Pakoda


 oil                                            1/2 ltr
chana flour                                500gms
onions                                      250 gms
red chilli powder                      1spoon
green chilli                                4 nos
turmeric                                   a pinch
salt                                          as per taste water required
masala                                    1 spoon
ginger garlic                            1 spoon
shaw jeera                              1 spoon
corinader leaves                      1 bunch
mint and curry leaves               1/2 cup


1). cut onions (take big) into long thin pieces and wash them .
2) add all ingredients and mix it real good , now add water and make it as a thick paste
3) take a pan and heat  oil and defry . split the paste into small pieces and release them in hot oil
4). fry them untill it becomes nice colour

Tips : becareful while relesing small pieces into hot oil , try to release from less hight so that the may not fall on you

Eat this while raining or in the evening time  along with sweets and tea .. if you sprinkle little amount of masala and coriander and onions it also looks good ...

You know this one of the famous evening snack item inthe various parts of andhra

 I  love to eat it with tea .. what i do is i dip the each piece in tea and i will take then it gives like sweet and hot taste 

Friday, April 06, 2012

Tomato Curry

INGREDIENTS                                   QTY
tomatos(70% ripen)                              500gms
oil                                                        100gms
onions                                                  1 big one
shaw jeera                                            1 spoon
red chilli powder                                   1 spoon
green chilli                                             4 nos
salt                                                       as per required
masala                                                   1 spoon
coriander and coconut powder               1 table spoon
fenugreen seeds                                     10nos
mustard seeds                                       1/2 spoon
ginger garlic paste                                  1 spoon
coriander and curry leaves                      1/2 cup
turmeric                                                  a pinch
1).  wash tomatos and cut into small pieces
2). chop the onions , green chilli amd corinader, curry leaves
1). Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, fenugreen seeds , shaw jeera , onions , green chilli ,ginger garlic orderly and fry until it becomes nice colour . add half of the salt
2).  add tomatos ,red chilli powder , turmeric fry it for 5 mins .
3). add salt masala coriander and coconut powder after 2 mins add your coriander  and curry leaves keep the lid on wait for a moment and switch off the stove ...
Hmm.., now you prepared spicy cum sour tomato curry ..!!!!!!
You can have it with roti , nans, rice , as well toasted bread slice ......:):)

Andhra Chicken Curry

INGREDIENTS                                           QTY
chicken                                                        500 gms
oil                                                                150 gms
onions (finely chopped)                                 2nos
poppy seeds and coconut paste                   1cup
ginger garlic paste                                         1 spoon
green chilli                                                    4 nos
turmeric                                                        1 pinch 
tomato (slices)                                              2nos
coriander powder                                          1/2 cup
corinader leaves                                            1/2 cup
garam masala                                                1/2 spoon
red chiilli powder                                           1 spoon
mint leaves and curry leaves                          1 bunch
salt                                                                as per requirement
water                                                            1and 1/2 glass
cinnamon cardamon bay leaf                           2no each
1) Heat oil in  a pan   add cinnamaon ,cardmon, green chilli , onions , bay leaf orederly fry it on  a slow flame for 2 mins .
2) add freshly cutted chicken fry it 10 mins.add salt , red chilli powder...
3) add water and other ingredients after 5 mins add corianderleaves , curry leaves , mint leaves and a pinch of garam masala ...cook it for 5mins
Now chicken curry is prepared.....
You can have it with rice , roti, nans , flattened rice , it give good taste with even puffed rice and toasted bread ...
Generally i love to eat it with puffed rice and bread ....
 I hope you  enjpoyed this dish ........:):)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Egg Fry

INGREDIENTS                                QTY
eggs (boiled)                                        6nos
onions (finely chopped )                       2nos
red chilli powder                                   1 table spoon
coriander powder, garam masala          1 spoon
mustard seeds                                       1/4 spoon
ginger garlic paste                                 1 spoon
green chlii(splitted)                                 4 nos
salt                                                        as per taste
corinader, mint  and curry leaves           1/4 cup
oil                                                          50gm
1) Boil 6 eggs in fresh water for 10 mins on flame
2) Remove layer on them and make small holes to absorb ingerdients flavours
1)Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds , green chilli ,onions ginger garlic paste orderly , fry it for 2 mins
2) Now add your slightly splitted eggs and  sprinkle masala , chilli powder and salt  fry it for 5 mins
3) Sprinkle the rest items . switch off the stove ..

 Now serve it as a snack or with rice ....
After adding eggs if you add a broken  raw egg  it becomes even more tasty ....::::))

Moong Dal Fry

moong dal -  500g
onion (finely  chopped ) - 1 big one
shaw jeera  and  ginger paste - 1table spoon
garlic paste - 1 spoon
red chilli powder -1 spoon
green chilli - 4nos
salt - as per requirement
curry  and coriander leaves - 1/2 cup
garam masala  - 1 table spoon
oil - 50 gms
tomato slices (extra flavour) -1 big one
mustard and fenugreen seeds -  a pinch
turmeric  -  a pinch
1) Heat oil in a pan  add mustard&fenugreen seeds , shaw jeera  paste , green chilli , onions fry it for 2 mins on a slow flame untill it turns brown
2) Add moong dal which is already washed in fresh waterand soaked for 2 mins  add chiili powder and turmeric , half of the masala fry it for 5 mins .
3) Add rest ingredients and  fry it for 5 mins on finely slow flame  ...

Now delicious moong dal is prepared in less than 15 mins ...
You can eat this with rice , roti, nans , even with toasted bread , papad , flattened rice , if you add mango pickle to it while you are eating, it will be very tasty .....:)

Tomato Rice

rice -  4cups
oil - 1 tble spoon
turmeric - 1 pinch
onions (moderately chopped ) - 1no big
tomato (cut into cubes or triangles) - 2nos
shaw jeera - 1/4 a spoon
coriander+curry leaves - 1/2 a cup
red chilli powder - 1/2 spoon
green chilli (splitted in midway) - 4nos
red chilli - 2nos
ginger garlic paste - 1spoon
salt - as per taste
1) heat pan and add oil, shaw jeera , onions ,green chilli , ginger garlic paste ,curryleaves , tomatos orderly fry it for 1 min .
2) add turmeric , redchilli , half of the salt fry it for 2 mins .now add rice and mix it real good
3) add remaining ingredients fry it on slow flame for 5 mins ...
Now you prepared nice spicy , sour tomato rice ...
You can enjoy this with moong dal or raitha  well.....

Summer Special Mango Rice

It is summer special snack item with rice .... i know you love to eat it this item ...which is  sour in taste
INGREDIENTS                                                     QTY
rice    (annam)                                                        4 cup
mango(finelyy cutted)                                             1cup
onion (finely chopped)                                           1/2 cup
red chilli powder (endu mirapa podi )                     1spoon
green chilli(thin splitted) (pachi mirchi)                    4nos
turmeric (pasupu)                                                  1 pinch
garam masala                                                        1/2 spoon
coriander powder(kothimera podi)                        1and 1/2 spoon
coriander leaves(kothimera akulu)                         1and 1/2 cup
shaw jeera (jelakarra)+mustard seeds(avalu)         1/2 spoon
ginger garlic paste                                                 1 spoon
curry leaves                                                          1 bunch
fenugreek seeds(mentulu )                                    10no.s
oil (nune)                                                             2 table spoon
salt (uppu)                                                           as per requirement
1) Heat pan and add oil, mustard seeds , green chilli ., onion ,. ginger garlic paste  , half of the salt , shaw jeera , fenugreen seeds one by one oderely .fry all of them on slow flame untill it comes as brown .
2) add your mango and sprinkle half of the salt ,turmeric , garam masala .
3) add rice and remain items fry it for 5 mins  .now your spicy mango rice is prepared ....:)
It is gives extra taste if you eat with chicken soup or moong dal......!!!!