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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weight Gaining Tips and Food

Most of the children are losing weight due to insufficient proteins and lack of nutritious food

 Reasons  for Weight Loss::

lack of interest in eating 
unusual timings of eating
regularly using same type of food
tensions from study 
neglecting food
improper ways of taking food 
lack of knowledge in nutritious food 
over fried food (no vitamins but tasty)
not having seasonal fruits and food

 Tips for Weight Gain :

use more calories food
take junk food everyday
every day ice creams and good quality chacolates 
boiled egg and banana 
cover all vitamins in usual food
take non veg twice in a week (eg. fish , chicken)
if you take alcohol beer is appropriate
use curries like mixed veg .. as it covers all type of vitamins and proteins
take dry fruits regularly (dates , cashew nuts ,raisins  etc.. )
dried fruits promote digestive health . they also contribute to healthy body weight
prefer fluids than solid food
take leafy vegetables twice in a week 
take juices like orange , milk shake , milk products..
last but not least don't wait to get hunger eat some thing always until you gain weight ....haha ...!!!! 


Don't try artificial food and medicine to gain weight it is not good for health and you will addict to them 

 my choice of salad :

Ingredients :

milk 100ml (15 min boiled)
cashew nuts 50gm
raisins 50 gm
dates 50 gm(flesh only)
banana 2
apple 1
grapes 100gm
olive oil half a spoon
sesame seed oil half a spoon
sunflower oil half a spoon
pineapple 50 gm
papaya 2 slices(remove seeds)
strawberry 5 nos
cherries 50 gm
gooseberry 10 (remove seeds)
coconut water 1 glass
normal water 4 glass
coconut milk half glass 
sugar 250 gm
ghee to fry all try fruits
salt 1spoon
ice cream according to your interest any flavour and amount you like to have (optional)

You can also add any seasonal  fruits here

Preparation :

Take flat pan and heat ghee  , fry all the dry fruits on very slow flame 2 min easy (do not black any part saute them evenly if you blacken any part it gives odd taste ) grained them into small pieces (don't do like powder)

Now take  banana., apple , pine apple , papaya  cut them into small pieces  

Take a big bowl add all the prepared dry fruits mixture and small pieces of  fruits and  milk , water and oil, salt , sugar, rest of the ingredients 

Mix it real good and keep it in refrigerator for 10 -15 mins.then mix ice cream serve ..

 Here you can skip any thing .. except sugar , water, dry fruits , ghee, milk 

 It will help you very much . ...:)

 Thank you  very much for visiting my blog....:)...:)

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