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Friday, May 25, 2012

How to make Tea and it's Benefits

Hai friends ,

You know this is very simple, before going to write how to make tea, let me share my own experience with tea making. I love to make tea very much around 9 years i used to make tea at my grand parents hotel. 

I used to stay with my grand parents when i'm doing my schooling. They have a small hotel in my town Dharmapuri, it is in Andhra Pradesh in India. To be frank i know how to make tea from my 4th standard. Along with my regular studies i used to help my grand parents in hotel by this way i came to know how to make tea and later on most of the recipes from my grandma and my sister's cooking .

So my surrounding people used to call me "pottoda" , i like that name very much when i was with my grand parent as it is given by my grand parents. But now i'm calling a boy who is selling tea  like chai wala chotu 

A Cup of Hot Tea  =  A Cup of Good Health

 Do you know ..?

Drinking tea is very good for health. Following are both Benefits and Drawbacks ..

1) Bone Density : regular drinking of tea for long time may increase strength of bones 
2) Heart Disease : recently study in the general Circulation it is mentioned that drinking more than 2cups of tea in a day decreases the risk of death from Hear attack by 44%.
3) High Blood Pressure : Drinking a half cup of green tea or oolong tea reduces a person's risk of high BP by 50 % 
4) Immunity Power : daily having tea help you body's immune system fight off infection.
5) It gives instant refreshment immediately having tea .

Drawbacks of Tea :

1) Fluoride : high fluoride intake may cause easy fractures and osteofluorosis intake limits 2mg for children and 4mg for adults.
2) Aluminium : large amounts leads to toxicity in humans , may leads to death .
3) Taking high temperature tea causes esophageal cancer
4) Oxalates : Over comsumption of oxalates forms stones in  kidney

Ingredients :

milk - 2 glass
water - 2 glass
tea powder- 4 spoons
sugar - 6 to 8 spoons (based on you , how much sweetness you like )
crushed black pepper - 2 nos (optional)
ginger - small piece (make thin slices)

Making :

Take a bowl add milk and water then lit the stove. After about 5 min of boiling milk add crushed balck pepper and ginger pieces . After a small break add tea powder , wait until tea powder goes down for the first time then only add your sugar . once again tea powder comes up boil until it goes down for the second time . now strain out tea and have it .

If you make tea in this manner it gives awesome taste.

Get refreshment instantly with your own making tea ...:P

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