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Monday, May 21, 2012

Bachelors Recipes (Easy Recipes )

Hai friends ...

This week i'm interested to write regular and easy making recipes.These are specially for bachelors , hopefully i will do my level best to write as simple as i know .

I hope you will enjoy this week with easy recipes ....!!!!!

In this section i'm going to post :

1) regular dal
2) egg curry
3) bengal gram (chana) with boiled egg
4) moongdal fry
5) cabbage with chana dal
6) bottle gaurd with moong dal
7) green chili with sesame seed
8) Tur dal,(red gram )
9) Fried flattend rice
10) onion with tamarind juice
11) spinach with moong dal
12) fried red chili powder
13) masala maggie
14) bread omellet
15) alu( potato) tomato curry
16) alu with tamarind juice
17) egg burji
18) vermiselli pudding (semya)
19) wheat flour upma
20) how to make tea
21) tomato with moongdal
22) special rice curry (grandma spl)
23) lady finger with tomato
24) ridge gourd (beerakaya) with moongdal
25) spinach with tur dal
26) kidney bean with tomato
27) rice making 

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