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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brinjal with Sesame Seed Curry (Egg Plant Sesame Seed Curry)

Ingredients :

egg plant (brinjal)500 gm
sesame seeds 200 gm
green chili 5
red chili 10
salt to taste
oil 100 ml
turmeric a pinch
chopped onion 2
ginger garlic paste 2 spoons
coriander powder half a cup
masala 1 spoon
coriander leaves 1 cup
curry leaves a small bunch

 Preparation Method :

 First of all take a pan and heat , just add sesame seeds to it and saute them for 2 min until it gives nice colour and smell , take them into a bowl  , then take half of the curry leaves and red chili and the same pan just heat them for a moment (don't blacken any part  , other wise it will lose it's all smell and taste ).

 Mix all the sesame seeds , red chili , curry leaves make them into powder in a grinder(blender) and add half of the salt ,3/4 th  of ginger garlic paste , 3/4 th parts of  coriander powder, turmeric , little masala  and also add little oil and make a dough

Now select the small , fresh , good quality egg plant wash them in fresh water and cut in such a manner it gives 4 parts  up to 70-80 % along it's length (not to separate to each other )  immediately drop them in salt water other wise them taste bitter .

Take one by one egg plant and clean water and stuff the prepared masala (sesame seeds and other ingredients) if necessary tie with a rope (it holds all the masala in egg plant )  while eating you can take off the rope .

Take a slightly depth pan , heat oil and add green chili pieces , chopped onion , remaining ginger garlic paste  saute them for 2 mins then after add prepared egg plant slow down the flame saute them for a while and add the next half salt and left over prepare sesame seeds masala , coriander powder and also add little water to it  keep lid on it , boil it for 10 min meanwhile for every 2 min mix it well and replace the lid

Now add masala and coriander leaves and curry leaves and keep it on steam for 2min ..

That's it we prepared wonderful sesame seed stuffed egg plant curry .

If you want it like snack , while adding water reduce the amount of water  and fry them in all sides equally.

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  1. Waow that's great.
    Brinjal with Sesame Seed Curry (Egg Plant Sesame Seed Curry). sesame seeds