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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Egg Curry With Tamarind Juice (Easy and Tasty )

This is one of the easy and tasty recipe with egg and tamarind juice ....!!!

Ingredients :

egg - 10 nos 
onion - 250 gm
tamarind - 100 gm(sour)
red chili powder - 2 spoons (as per taste )
coriander powder - half a cup
salt - to taste 
ginger garlic - 1 spoon 
turmeric - a pinch 
cumin seeds - half a spoon
coriander leaves - 1/2 a cup
masala - 1 tb spoon
mustard seed - 1/ 2 tea spoon

Early Preparations:

1)Soak tamarind in fresh water and take out juice from it
2)Boil eggs for 10 -15 mins and remove shell
3)Make masala with red chili powder, salt , coriander powder  in a bowl
4)Make long slits into eggs , stuff the masala we have prepared .
5)In a flat pan add little oil and fry prepared eggs until it gives golden colour (no part is to be blacken)


1)Heat oil in pan , add mustard seed , cumin seed , onion fry them until they leaves raw smell
2)Now add ginger garlic , turmeric, half of the coriander powder .
3)Add  tamarind juice , salt red chili powder and bring it to boil .
4)Drop eggs in it and boil for 5 mins on slow flame.
5))Add remaining coriander powder and coriander leaves , mix it real good

Serve it hot with rice, roti, naan ...!!!

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