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Friday, September 07, 2012

Mirchi Bajji (Green Chilli Snack)

It is very delicious Indian snack especially southern people like very much .


mirchi 20 nos (green chilli)
coriander powder - 2 tb spoon
salt - as per taste
chana flour - 200 gm
oil - to deep fry
chopped onion - 4 no
salt - 1 spoon(as per taste)
water- to mix flour
turmeric- little

Caution: Green chilli is should be selected such that it is not too spicy .


1) Slit the mirchi  along it's length and remove seeds.
2) Mix salt and coriander powder fill the gaps of the mirchi with this

3) Take a bowl add chana powder, turmeric , left over mixture of salt and coriander
4) Add water to it and make loose dough so that if you dip mirchi in it, it should stick to mirchi

5) Drop 5 mirchi at a time in dough rotate it so that all sides dough should be hold evenly
6) Heat oil in a bowl deep fry the prepared mirchi .

Finally open the mirchi along it's earlier cut fill it with chopped onion and enjoy hot .....!!!


  1. add any chutney recipe wid it...sum green chutney...most probably...:)

    1. thank you very much for visiting and suggesting some recipe
      mirchi bajji goes better with a type of tomato and ground nut chutny . i will write it in soon . keep on visiting ...:)

  2. add sum chutney recipe wid it....hw abt sum green chutney...