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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Italian Mixed Fruit Salad

Italian Mixed Fruit Salad


Dates- 50gm
Blue grapes- 50 gm
Green grapes- 50 gm
Sweet curd-  4 tb spoon
Rose petals- 8 (fresh)
Saffron strands- 8
Apple- 1no
Green Apple- 1 no (Optional)
Honey- 4 tea spoon

Servings- 4


1) Clean all the fruits in salt water, then chop Grapes, Dates into quarters.
2) Apple into small cubes.
3) Now add 1/4th of each into a bowl and mix rapidly by adding 1tb spoon Sweet Curd.
4) Transfer into 4 bowls and top up with 1 tea spoon honey on every bowl
5) Serve after garnishing with Rose petals, Saffron strands.

Enjoy delicious Dessert.

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