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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Capsicum Bajji

capsicum - 6 no
chana dal powder = 25gm
cumin seeds - 1spoon
oil for deep fry
salt as per the taste
water to make loose dough for dipping
turmeric a pinch
  ingredients for masala to mix with capsicum pieces :
masala 1 spoon
salt little
oil little
turmeric a pinch
chilli powder  half a spoon
 for garnish :
roundly chopped - onion 1
coriander leaves - half a cupa
chat masala - 1 spoon
lemon juice - 1 no
carrot 1 no (roundly cutted )
preparations :
wash the capsicum and cut them into normal size pieces , in a bowl add masala , little oil, little salt , turmeric , chilli power make a paste and apply on capsicum pieces and soak it for 2 mins

 take another bowl and prepare loose dough for dipping , add cumin seeds , salt , turmeric , water  then your dough is prepared

 now heat oil in a pan  for deep fry ,  after sufficient heating for deep fry , take one by one capsicum pieces , dip them in dough and  deep fry them until it gives good colour .

  sprinkle chat masala , coriander leaves ,  lemon juice , and garish with onion and carrot slices .....:)

 tasty easily made snacky item is ready , serve it hot with coriander pickle or curd pickle ....:P


  1. Wow, that was awesome

  2. That was coool!

  3. I love this blog

  4. Excellent guide for amateur cooks!

  5. Now this is a first! Keep it up bro!

  6. Thanks everyone. Will keep posting many more easy-to-make recipes everyday. Keep coming. :)